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thinking green

For 200 years we've been conquering nature. Now we're beating it to death.-- Tom McMillan

Folks, we've got some problems.

We're polluting our air, water and soil. We're destroying our rainforests. Our activities are endangering plant and animal species. Many of our natural resources – fossil fuels, timber, water, minerals – are diminishing at an alarming rate. Global warming has become a menacing problem. We are generating outrageous amounts of garbage (500 billion pounds of garbage per year in the US alone). And our population is exploding, which will only exacerbate the problems. This really can't go on. There are dire consequences for the future of our planet that we can't ignore.

As individuals, we need to move towards a lifestyle that is sustainable – a lifestyle that doesn't put such an awful burden on our planet. Businesses must have a similar goal. The good news is that, in some areas at least, we are moving in the right direction – in the US, for example, we've gone from recycling less than 10% of our trash in 1980 to recycling about 33% in 2008.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step-- Lao-Tzu

Realistically, we are not going to make our lifestyles or our businesses fully sustainable overnight. But we do need to begin the journey now. So let's think about, and be sensitive to, how our actions affect the environment. And let's make some choices – and changes – that will make our lives and our businesses more sustainable.

So here's a little food for thought – Think Green.