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Road Bike Rider Review

We work hard to make great looking, high performance cycling jerseys that are friendly to the environment, so it’s nice to get some recognition.

John Marsh of Road Bike Rider, who tested our men’s Classic and Superlight jerseys, gave them four stars in his review.

About the Superlight jersey, John writes: “It’s definitely the lightest, airiest jersey I’ve ever worn, and I’ve already got it pigeon-holed as my ‘go to’ jersey for those broiling summer rides that are unavoidable in Hotlanta (and so many other places these days!).”

And about ECOS in general, John writes: “I applaud companies like ECOS for providing folks who love the outdoors with options that allow them to do at least a little bit to help preserve the environment.  The fact that they’ve created gear that doesn’t skimp on quality, and doesn’t fetch a premium price just because it’s ‘eco friendly,’ appeals to me, too.  You may or may not choose to wear ECOS gear for its eco-friendly cachet, but chances are you won’t be thinking about that while wearing it, anyway.  You’ll just be enjoying the comfort of a well-made cycling jersey.”

For a copy of the full review, please click here.  To see the review on the website, click here.