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ABOUT our products

Today, most high performance sports apparel is made from synthetic technical fabrics. One of the most commonly used synthetic fabrics is polyester because it can be engineered to meet the athlete's need for apparel that performs well under a variety of conditions.

All of our performance wear is made with sophisticated moisture transfer polyester fabrics that wick perspiration from your skin to the outer surface of the garment for quick evaporation, so you can perform at your best. On some of our garments, moisture transfer mesh, which allows for greater breathability, is strategically placed to help regulate temperature.

Because of the performance characteristics of polyester fabrics, they are our top choice for our performance apparel. But there's another reason we like polyester fabrics, and that has to do with the environment. For more information on the environmental benefits of polyester, please use the following links:

Recycled Polyester

Recyclable Polyester