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About us

We are passionate about cycling and running.

We are also passionate about the places we ride and run.

Our favorite routes, whether through the streets of the city, down country roads, or along mountain trails, are special places to each of us. They are places to be enjoyed but also to be protected and preserved.

Our desire to protect and preserve these special places led us to examine the products we were using for their impact on the environment, and we weren't happy with what we learned.

So we looked for eco-friendly cycling and running products, and here and there we found a few. But all too often the manufacturer had sacrificed performance features or was charging a premium price, and those were serious problems for us because we certainly weren't interested in sacrificing performance and we didn't much like the idea of paying more for a product simply because it was environmentally friendly.

We knew the problems needed fixing, but we weren't sure where to start. Then we met a former professional cyclist turned marathon runner who also happened to be a clothing designer. It was our eureka moment, and ECOS was born.

At ECOS, we are dedicated to creating great looking, high performance cycling and running clothing that is friendly to the environment. And you won't pay extra for your environmental conscience.